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Macrobiotic diet

Macrobiotics is a philosophy and a holistic approach that stresses the importance of proper dietary and lifestyle habits. The word “macrobiotic” comes from the Greek words “macro,” or great, and “bios,” or life. Hippocrates (the Father of Medicine) and Herodotus used this way of eating natural foods to regain health and to treat their patients.

Macrobiotic diet, as most of people know it today, was developed and promoted by Michio Kushi and is based on concepts of the Japanese philosopher George Ohsawa. Several degrees of strictness in adhering to an essentially vegetarian regimen exist.

The macrobiotic approach to health is based on the traditional philosophy that food is human best medicine, together with hard work, exercise, self-reflection, and a more natural lifestyle in general.

Food can be prepared simply and in a delicious, attractive way, while at the same time including a wide variety of ingredients.

The macrobiotic approach takes into account the evolution of humanity, human relationship to the environment, and the individual needs. It is not only a preventive approach, aiming to maintain good health and decrease the incidence of sickness; it is also used therapeutically for those who are already ill and wish to employ natural means of healing.

The standard macrobiotic diet consists of 50 – 60% whole grains, 20 – 25% vegetables, 5 – 10% pulses and sea vegetables as well as 5% vegetable soup; nuts, seeds fruits and fish can be added occasionally 1;2. Essentially, the macrobiotic diet is a high-fibre, low-fat, high complex carbohydrate, mainly vegetarian diet. The Standard Macrobiotic Diet allows broad scope for personal creativity and enjoyment and is easy to adopt.

In making the transition it is important to proceed in an orderly way and not try to make the change overnight. Begin with pressure-cooked brown rice, miso soup, and a few basic vegetable, bean, and sea vegetable dishes, while at the same time diminishing in volume the foods previously eaten.
Macrobiotic diet

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