Friday, April 14, 2017

Why is it so important of eating healthy food?

Anybody eat healthy food, his body will be healthy, too. Food is the fuel that gives him energy. Healthy food gives human body the energy for mending everything, from cuts and grazes to broken bones.

Depending on the lifestyle, the key to healthy diet is eating right number of calories; the calories requirement for an average men and women is 2500 and 2000 calories respectively.

Eating healthy food is extremely crucial to maintain good health to lead a long life that is free from illnesses. They are the cornerstone of improving the quality of life. Human body needs food for energy but also needs the essential nutrients that healthy food provides to function properly.
There many reasons why human must have to eat healthy balanced meals on a day to day basis: heart health, central nervous system, digestive system, gut health, liver health, mental health, immune system, hair health, teeth health, bone health, skin health, muscle building, aging better, hormonal balance, etc.

For example a diet rich in fruits and vegetables can:
*Reduce chances of having heart attack or stroke
*Lower blood pressure
*Can avoid constipation and painful intestinal aliment called diverticulitis
*Can guard against two common aging-related eye diseases: cataract and macular degeneration
Why is it so important of eating healthy food?
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