Friday, July 14, 2017

Strawberries for your health

A good quality strawberry is bright red in color that has a natural sheen with fresh looking green caps. All 40 species promote heart health and lower cancer risk. They help combat rheumatoid arthritis and memory loss. A Nutrition and Health Research Center study found strawberries lower systolic blood pressure readings – that’s the first number in the reading.
Many studies in United States showed that strawberry eaters had higher intake and serum levels of folate, higher intake of fiber and vitamin C, lower homocysteine levels, and lower blood pressure than non-strawberry eaters. Homocysteine is an amino acid in the blood that is considered to be an independent marker for heart disease risk.

The fiber in strawberries is the soluble kind, which means it helps to lower cholesterol in the body. Eight medium strawberries provide 3 grams of fiber.

A 144 gm serving of strawberry provides about 239 mg of potassium, 1.5 mg of sodium, 14 mg of magnesium, is super rich in vitamin C and beta carotene and iron but slightly high in sugar and calories.
Strawberries for your health
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