Monday, January 15, 2018

The meaning of carbo-loading

Some athletes, particularly those who take part in endurance sports, manipulate their daily carbohydrate needs with a diet plant called “carbo-loading”. Scandinavian scientists originally developed carbohydrate-loading back in the 1970s for use by Nordic skiers. The routine seemed to work, so it was copied and modified by long distance runners.

In 2002, a University of Western Australia study showed that cyclists who pedaled hard for two and a half minutes, pedaled all-out to another thirty seconds, and the loaded up on carbs saw an 80 percent increase in glycogen stores within 24 hours.

Carbohydrate loading is commonly referred to as carb-loading or carbo-loading. Carbo-loading can be successfully performed with common carbohydrate foods such as pasta, grains, fruits and vegetables: however, some athletes prefer purified carbohydrate supplements because they are free of fat and fiber.

The preferred method of carbo-loading involves maintaining a high carbohydrate diet during the week prior to the event.
The meaning of carbo-loading
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