Friday, September 16, 2016

French toast

French toast is one of the oldest and most popular breakfast foods. It is derived from the original French recipe pain perdu or ‘lost bread’.

It is a great way to make use of all the dry or day-old bread that can’t bear to throw away. Older bread is actually better for French toast, as it absorbs the egg better without falling apart.

In any French toast recipe, the most important element is the bread used: sourdough, wheat, white, French, potato, cinnamon raisin, or multigrain.

French toast is a source of carbohydrate for body fuel. Some iron and several B vitamins, especially thiamine and riboflavin help the body more efficiently covert those carbohydrates into energy.

French toast, like packages or waffles, can be garnished to make a more stunning and delightful presentation. Fresh fruits - diced, sliced, or whole – make colorful and flavorful topping. Using nay fruit that is in season will add that extra special taste to the toast.
French toast


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